Purchase information

The compliance report certifying the cadastral and urban planning congruity of the property is already available (drawn up in 2020). The document is required both for the notarial deed and for the serenity of buyer and seller.

The property is also available in independent portions (acquired by different owners) or for a group of buyers.

Additionally, if you are selling an apartment in Milan or Como you could trade it while purchasing this property.

Please get in touch for further details.

Book an appointment

You can visit the property any day, any time until the beginning of October 2022. Please book an appointment.

Visits in August 2022 are warmly encouraged


You can speak directly to the owner either by email or phone.
Please write an email with your contact number to
email address
or call: +393319855704

Spoken languages: Italian, English, Russian, Bulgarian, Hebrew

Real estate agency

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Alternatively you can contact Elia from the real estate agency Villa Guardia Tempocasa:

By visiting any agency of the Tempo Casa group present on the Italian territory you have the chance to walk inside the apartments thanks to virtual reality.

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